Seamless Guttering

Seamless guttering offers a clean continuous line with no external brackets. It is low maintenance - there is no need to repaint as it is formed from pre-coated aluminium which is resistant to atmospheric corrosion agents. Features of our seamless gutters include the following:

  • Attractive OGEE shape
  • Choice of colour, black, brown, anthracite grey or white
  • Long life expectancy with a guarantee against leakage for 25 years
  • Can be fitted in lengths of up to 30m avoiding joints and the chance of leakage
  • Available in 5inch (125 x 87mm) or 6inch (150 x 125mm)
  • Large internal flow capacity
  • Recyclable material, therefore environmentally friendly

Our Aluminimum Seamless Gutters come with a 25 year guarantee against leaking.


Seamless Guttering

Our certified team are fully mobile and will transport our seamless guttering machine to your site or home. We will then accurately cut each section to length from our pre-coated, aluminium coils to perfectly fit the elevations of your property. Continuous lengths of guttering are produced in the OGEE profile without any joints. The seamless guttering system is becoming the industry new standard and is already being used extensively by many households, local authorities, architects and a number of large building and roofing contractors throughout the United Kingdom.